• Dibbles the Fluffy Tabby Cat

    Dibbles the Fluffy Tabby Kitten

    Dibbles is my daughters fluffy tabby cat. He was rescued from the RSPCA last year and doesn’t have much of a background story other than him being named Miles while he was there. He’s very cute as most kittens are and gets along well with humans. His personality seems to be a cross between Cassie and Leos even though he’s no relation. Sometime this year he’ll be moving house so i’ll try and get some of that on camera. Until then please enjoy these moments of him as a kitten.

  • Cat is freaked out by something
    Cassie and Leo

    What’s Up Pussycat?

    What has caught Cassie eye? I was sitting on the couch when Cassie the cat came for a cuddle. After a brief pat her pupils became very large. I had my phone on me so started recording as she got down to go and investigate. I had no idea what she was concerned about. Watch the video to find out!

  • Cat Scratcher Video
    Cassie and Leo

    I’m Back With A New Cat Video! Cats React to Cat Scratcher.

    Hi guys and gals, I know I’ve been away for a long time. I finally finished my course in digital media and have started uploading videos again. I bought Cassie and Leo a new cardboard scratcher for Christmas. This is the first time they’ve had this type of cat scratcher so wasn’t sure how they’d react. Cassie got the hang of it fairly quickly but Leo took a couple of days after the video was taken to get the hang of it. I’ve now put the cat scratcher next to the couch that Cassie scratches all the time, which she’s virtually destroyed, and she hasn’t scratched the couch since. She…

  • Cassie the cat on racing chair

    Cat trying to get my attention and keeping me company.

    I’ve been studying and working a lot lately and neglecting some certain individuals . Cassie loves to come and tap me on the shoulder when I’m working on the computer to get my attentionĀ (I wish I could get that on video for you as it’s so adorable). She will then walk across the screen, gets the cuddle she has come for, and lay down on my arm so that I can’t use the mouse. When she gets sick of the constant riggle of my arm trying to get the mouse to the approprite place on the screen (trying not to disturb her of course) she will go and sit on…

  • Cat curled up in laundry basket
    Cassie,  Cassie and Leo

    Does your cat like to help on washing day?

    Does your cat like to help on washing day? It seems that every time a get a clean batch of washing Cassie decides it’s the best place to sit. I use to think she just wanted to keep me company while I sort through it. I don’t know about you but I tend to takeĀ the laundry to my bed where i’ll sort through it. Cassie could sit anywhere on the bed but it’s always on top of the clean washing. Is she trying to get my attention?