• Cat is freaked out by something
    Cassie and Leo

    What’s Up Pussycat?

    What has caught Cassie eye? I was sitting on the couch when Cassie the cat came for a cuddle. After a brief pat her pupils became very large. I had my phone on me so started recording as she got down to go and investigate. I had no idea what she was concerned about. Watch the video to find out!

  • Cassie and Leo

    Cats videos on YouTube – Fiasco Rewind 2014

    Cats videos on YouTube by Fiasco. Well I thought this might be a good time to introduce myself. I’m Fiasco and in August 2013 I decided to upload a video to YouTube. I wasn’t sure of the type of content that I would share but decided to start with a bird video and then cat videos of Cassie and Leo on YouTube. The third video that I put up became quickly popular and I’ve been post videos of my cats ever since. I also from time to time post video’s of other animals. This video shows some of the highlights for 2014. Enjoy.